Steam Backlog Release Notes

Current version 3.1.28

ðŸĶĒ January 2019

  • new
    Released a BETA (work in progress) new layout for the Backlog This Backlog layout Will be in BETA until we consider the experience to be 👌 Layout at
  • new
    Added explanations of why games are hidden from search results (in BETA) Closes #62, Thanks MakoSipper!
  • new
    The collection layout has been updated The filtering and sorting buttons have been updated and moved sidebar info to the top Example of the updated layout at .../cool-games-to-play-with-your-girlfriend Closes #73, Thanks Yapuka77!
  • new
    New year, new changelog page The old changelog is still available at
  • added
    Added most popular genres in the homepage
  • added
    Installed the new backlog layout in profile backlog pages. Example of new layout at
  • fix
    Not logged in users shouldn't be able to see "add to backlog" flags in modal

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