Overlord II - Steam Backlog
Overlord II on Steam Backlog

Overlord II, sequel to the critically acclaimed cult hit, sees the return of the chaotic Minions and their new Dark Master. Bigger, badder and more beautifully destructive, Overlord 2 has a Glorious Empire to smash, a massive Netherworld to revive, Minion mounts to mobilize, a trio of mistresses to woo, War Machines to crush opposition...

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About the game

Updated 12 October, 2022
23 June, 2009
25 now ~ 1,702 peak
Overlord II playtime
16h ~ 20h ~ 26h

Overlord II Critic and user ratings

88 / 100

Steam score

Very Positive Based on 3.131 votes
Reviews on Steam
79 / 100


Generally favorable
Reviews on Metacritic
8.1 / 10

Metacritic user

Generally favorable
Reviews on Metacritic

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