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Sail the Caribbean, marauding all on the high seas or ally your ship and crew as a privateer in search of riches - the life you choose is up to you. Face dogged enemies, raid unsuspecting villages, woo fair maidens, avoid capture or dig for buried treasure. Discover what it takes to become one of the most famous pirates in history!

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About the game

Updated 25 August, 2020
22 November, 2004
91 now ~ 1,333 peak
Sid Meier's Pirates! playtime
11h ~ 13h ~ 17h

Sid Meier's Pirates! Critic and user ratings

94 / 100

Steam score

Very Positive Based on 3.160 votes
Reviews on Steam
88 / 100


Generally favorable
Reviews on Metacritic
8.3 / 10

Metacritic user

Generally favorable
Reviews on Metacritic

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